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Secure and Protect Your Website

Hackers can take down your website, steal your identity, and have made online shoppers distrustful of websites they haven’t visited. We give you the tools to protect yourself, your website, and earn the business of cautious online shoppers.


Proving you (or your server's) identity online, and in doing so, creating a sense of trust and confidence in consumers using your web site. There are a few hundred million websites after all. Who is who? Who is legit and who is not?


Offering protection for the data submitted to your web site (or between servers) so that in the event of interception, it will be unintelligible without the unique key used for decryption.

ID Protect

An identity is stolen every 3 seconds. Your risk of becoming the next victim rises with each detail about you that gets online. Lower your risk by removing your identity from your domain’s records.

As low as$6.00/yr

Symantec Safe Site

Record high cybercrime has made online shoppers reluctant to trust new sites. Symantec Safe Site gives customers confidence in your site with the globally recognized Norton Secured Seal.

As low as$20.00/mo

GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan

Malware attacks are on the rise. An infection on your site can cripple it, eliminating traffic and sales. Monitor your site for malware so you can eliminate it before it hurts your business.

As low as$15.00/yr

TRUSTe Privacy Policy

Without a privacy policy, your site could be in violation of online privacy laws. Avoid risk and legal fees with a privacy policy tailor made to give your website maximum legal protection.

30-Day Free Trial


Hackers break into websites by exploiting weaknesses in a website’s network and software. SiteLock shields your site by monitoring both and helps to dispose of any vulnerabilities it finds.

As low as$15.00/yr

Please note the differences between the certificates before placing your order. Each certificate may vary on or more of the following criteria and it is esential you choose one best suited to your requirements. Installation on our servers is always free!

As always, contact our sales department with any questions prior to ordering as we would be happy to help you decide on the best certificate prior to purchase.